Crane places 5 floors measuring annexe over monumental building

July 18, 2013

While the city is still asleep an annexe has been placed in the backyard of a monumental building in the centre of Amsterdam.

lifting in place

The solid wood casco is twelve meters high, measures three by four meters and has five distinguished floor levels.
It has been assembled in two parts and delivered by low loader. From there it has been lifted over the monument by mobile crane and placed at its final destination between the neighbouring walls. The total of the clearance on both sides is approximately 10 cm. After anchoring the structure to the foundation the work on the inside and outside will be completed.

The wooden annexe is part of a complete, sustainable redesign of this national monument using bio-ecological material wherever possible. Solid wood building is an environmentally friendly construction method, the wood stems from sustainable forestry and is only weighing a third of a comparable concrete construction. Furthermore the wooden walls and floors of about ten centimetres are storing heat and regulating moisture thus providing a healthy climate inside. The prefabricated parts are dimensionally very stable and the numbering of parts reduces the time of assembly to a minimum, leaving no construction waste.

Parool News Item (pdf).

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