Wooden ‘Gardenroom’

A wooden gardenroom in the center of Amsterdam, NL.

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A garden completely in wood and yet green too. For this wooden gardenroom is surrounded by the crowns of old trees. All wooden parts are made from sustainably produced Massaranduba wood.
The wooden gardenroom is a roofterrace three meters above streetlevel. Ssse|OvO have designed a comparable roof terrace for the same client a few houses down the road. The family with three young blokes desired a low maintenance terrace with a warm appearance en lots of spce for the kids to play.

The wooden kitchenfloor seamlessly changes into the first elevated terrace. By dividing the façade into three large terracedoors, inside becomes outside and vice versa. A large but narrow planter provides green on the elevated terrace like the large rambler rose climbing the façade.
On the second terrace, around 90cm below the upper terrace the kids even have a rabit pen. This terrace is left open as much as possible so the kids kan run and play as they want.
The wooden gardenroom holds a few more surprises; there are two large rolling containers below the elevated terrace, ideal for storing toys and such. The long benches that run the fence holds storage space; the seating can be lifted to store pots and plant supplies and equipment. A tap on the end of the bench provides a source of water within easy reach outside.

Location: Roofterrace, Kerkstraat, Amsterdam NL
Client: Private
Architect: Ssse | OvO associates architects, Amsterdam
Designteam: Pierre Jennen
Main contractor: MCR Bouw, Amsterdam
Size: 40 m2
Realisation: Start design 2007, completion 2007

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